/Adelea6587197.html,appbryggeriet.com,Sax,Alto,802,AS-100N,Saxophone,Nickle,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Saxophone,EB,Brass,Plated,$462 /Adelea6587197.html,appbryggeriet.com,Sax,Alto,802,AS-100N,Saxophone,Nickle,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Saxophone,EB,Brass,Plated,$462 Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Sax Brass Deluxe Nickle Plated 802 $462 Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Saxophone Sax Brass Plated Nickle 802 Musical Instruments Band Orchestra $462 Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Saxophone Sax Brass Plated Nickle 802 Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Sax Brass Deluxe Nickle Plated 802

Saxophone Wholesale AS-100N EB Alto Sax Brass Deluxe Nickle Plated 802

Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Saxophone Sax Brass Plated Nickle 802


Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Saxophone Sax Brass Plated Nickle 802

Product description

Abundant Accessories: The package includes reed, cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, gloves and sax strap, with storage case for convenient carry.
For Professionals amp; Amateurs: Both suitable for professional and amateur players, great gift for yourself, families and friends.

Model: AS-100
Color: Gold
Material: Brass
Tone: Eb
Saxophone Mouth Diameter: 12cm / 4.72in
Package Size: 68 * 37 * 33cm / 26.77 * 14.57 * 12.99in
Package Weight: 4000g / 141.1oz

The color of items in pictures may differ due to difference between light and computer monitor. Please prevail in kind.

Packing List:
1 * Alto Saxophone
1 * Reed
1 * Saxophone Strap
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1 * Cleaning Brush
1 * Pair of Gloves
1 * Carrying Case
2 * Case Belts

Saxophone AS-100N EB Alto Saxophone Sax Brass Plated Nickle 802

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