$107 Protable Tile Vibrator for 60Cm Tiles Floor Plaster Machine, Cha Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools /Adelea6638697.html,$107,Machine,,for,60Cm,Tile,Tiles,Protable,Vibrator,appbryggeriet.com,Plaster,Cha,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Floor Protable Tile Vibrator Regular discount for 60Cm Tiles Plaster Floor Cha Machine /Adelea6638697.html,$107,Machine,,for,60Cm,Tile,Tiles,Protable,Vibrator,appbryggeriet.com,Plaster,Cha,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Floor Protable Tile Vibrator Regular discount for 60Cm Tiles Plaster Floor Cha Machine $107 Protable Tile Vibrator for 60Cm Tiles Floor Plaster Machine, Cha Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Protable Tile Vibrator Regular discount for 60Cm Tiles Plaster Free shipping Floor Cha Machine

Protable Tile Vibrator for 60Cm Tiles Floor Plaster Machine, Cha


Protable Tile Vibrator for 60Cm Tiles Floor Plaster Machine, Cha

Product description

Color:1 Batterie

* Speed ​​switch: The vibration frequency can be adjusted according to the size of the brick body and the thickness of the plaster; the horizontal plane can be finely adjusted by adjusting the vibration.
* The suction cup holds the grip, and the palm of the human hand is designed to be easy and quick.
* Suction cup base, bearing capacity up to 80KG. Can be operated with one hand, safe and stable, slabs in a second.
* Removable lithium battery, can replace the charging board, charging is more convenient.
* Soft rubber non-slip handle, stable weight bearing, humanized design.

Vibration frequency: 50 Hz / S
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Charging time: 120 minutes
Suction cutting diameter: 120mm
Working hours: 15 full hours
Adsorption capacity: 80KG
Scope of application: tile within 80x80cm

1x Tile Vibrator
1x Charger
1x Battery

Protable Tile Vibrator for 60Cm Tiles Floor Plaster Machine, Cha

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