an,$48,NA,Ashtray,/Indigofera6255268.html,are,Easy,Steel,to,Clean,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Decorations,Home,Stainless, $48 NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations are Easy to Clean an Home Kitchen Home Décor Products an,$48,NA,Ashtray,/Indigofera6255268.html,are,Easy,Steel,to,Clean,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Decorations,Home,Stainless, NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations an Clean Shipping included to are Easy NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations an Clean Shipping included to are Easy $48 NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations are Easy to Clean an Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations an Clean Outlet SALE Shipping included to are Easy

NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations are Easy to Clean an


NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations are Easy to Clean an

Product description

Product Name: Stainless steel ashtray
Size: 7*9.4cm
Colour: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Function: suitable for loading ash, cigarette butts, debris.
Uses: for business gifts, office supplies, family, essential.
Features: Stainless steel, simple high-end, suitable for high taste of people
Perfect for a small table or patio to enjoy a smoke with your friends!

NA Stainless Steel Ashtray Home Decorations are Easy to Clean an

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