Jtivcs Three Color Very popular! Dimmable Aluminum LED 12W Minim Light Pendant $37 Jtivcs Three Color Dimmable Aluminum Pendant Light 12W LED Minim Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Jtivcs Three Color Very popular! Dimmable Aluminum LED 12W Minim Light Pendant Three,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,LED,Light,Color,/Indigofera6525068.html,Aluminum,Jtivcs,Dimmable,12W,appbryggeriet.com,$37,Minim,Pendant Three,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,LED,Light,Color,/Indigofera6525068.html,Aluminum,Jtivcs,Dimmable,12W,appbryggeriet.com,$37,Minim,Pendant $37 Jtivcs Three Color Dimmable Aluminum Pendant Light 12W LED Minim Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Jtivcs Three Color Very popular Dimmable Aluminum Regular discount LED 12W Minim Light Pendant

Jtivcs Three Color Dimmable Aluminum Pendant Light 12W LED Minim


Jtivcs Three Color Dimmable Aluminum Pendant Light 12W LED Minim

Product description


Description:Types of: indoor lighting / pendant lamp / ceiling lamp / ceiling lamp / chandelier lamp / ceiling pendant lampType: Ceiling Pendant Chandelier / Indoor ChandelierStyle: modernMaterial: aluminum, acrylicBlack colourPower: 12WDimension:Diameter: 8 cmHeight: 30 cmHanging wire height: 150cm (59inch) (adjustable)Diameter: 8 cmHeight: 40 cmHanging wire height: 150cm (59inch) (adjustable)Diameter: 8 cmHeight: 50 cmHanging wire height: 150cm (59inch) (adjustable)Diameter: 8 cmHeight: 60 cmHanging wire height: 150cm (59inch) (adjustable)Diameter: 8 cmHeight: 80 cmHanging wire height: 150cm (59inch) (adjustable)Light color: Warm light 3000K Neutral light 4000K White light 6000KBulb type: LEDWhether with the bulb: YesNumber of light sources: 1Voltage: 110V-240VIrradiation area: 5-10 square metersApplicable places: living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bars, Internet cafes, as well as shops, bars and restaurants, etc.Input voltage: (We will prepare the lighting voltage according to the voltage of buyers' countries)Package including:pendant lamps x 1Accessory Pack x 1

Jtivcs Three Color Dimmable Aluminum Pendant Light 12W LED Minim

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