$39 Multicolored Art Deco Vase, Hand blown Glassware, Blown glass va Handmade Products Home Kitchen Multicolored Art Deco Vase Opening large release sale Hand blown glass Glassware Blown va $39 Multicolored Art Deco Vase, Hand blown Glassware, Blown glass va Handmade Products Home Kitchen Multicolored,Blown,Deco,Glassware,,Vase,,appbryggeriet.com,blown,/Indigofera6525168.html,glass,va,Art,Hand,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,$39 Multicolored Art Deco Vase Opening large release sale Hand blown glass Glassware Blown va Multicolored,Blown,Deco,Glassware,,Vase,,appbryggeriet.com,blown,/Indigofera6525168.html,glass,va,Art,Hand,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,$39

Multicolored Art Deco Vase Opening large release sale Hand blown glass Glassware Blown Max 45% OFF va

Multicolored Art Deco Vase, Hand blown Glassware, Blown glass va


Multicolored Art Deco Vase, Hand blown Glassware, Blown glass va

Multicolored Art Deco Vase for flowers

- Measurements are approximate/Handmade/ piece comes in a bubbles wrapping paper and a Box .

- Measures 22 CM height , 12 CM in Diameter.

- Please check photos for more on the look and description

- Shipping by DHL /UPS and providing tracking No( Fast Shipping amp; processing within 10 Days) / Buyer responsible on any import charges

- Returns: We will be pleased to help you anytime! If for any reason you want to return the product

- we will gladly welcome your return within 30 days of delivery, but please the returned product must be in new condition and include original packaging. please contact us. Product price will be refund , the customer will just pay the shipping

- Check other products on http://www.amazon.com/handmade/Les-Trois-Pyramides

With Love !

Multicolored Art Deco Vase, Hand blown Glassware, Blown glass va

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