$35 Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt, Gift for Your Lovers Home Kitchen Bedding Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt Your for Gift Max 59% OFF Lovers Home Kitchen , Bedding,Personalized,Mandala,Quilt,,Rooster,/Indigofera6525368.html,Vintage,$35,for,Gift,Lovers,Your,appbryggeriet.com $35 Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt, Gift for Your Lovers Home Kitchen Bedding Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt Your for Gift Max 59% OFF Lovers Home Kitchen , Bedding,Personalized,Mandala,Quilt,,Rooster,/Indigofera6525368.html,Vintage,$35,for,Gift,Lovers,Your,appbryggeriet.com

Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt Cheap bargain Your for Gift Max 59% OFF Lovers

Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt, Gift for Your Lovers


Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt, Gift for Your Lovers

Product description

Best Quilts For Every Home!!!


  • Material: The outer layer of the quilt is made of breathable soft fabric, and the filling material is high-quality silk floss, comfortable to use.
  • Multiple Function: It can be used as a bed quilt, a picnic mat, a throw blanket, a gift for family and friends, used on beds, sofa, your backyard, camping etc.
  • Wonderful Quilt: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use to provide consecutive warmth in all seasons, especially for camping and picnic - Gifts for Men and Women, Moms and Dads, Valentine's, Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas Day.
  • Care: Easy to clean, machine washable and dries quickly


  • Throw (60x70 inches)
  • Twin (70x80 inches)
  • Queen (80x90 inches)
  • King (91x102 inches)

★★★ REMEMBER: Every aspect of this quilt can be customized from the background, the framing color, and the text saying squares. I have many sayings to choose from or you can use your own including the names of your pets or loved ones! Like " To My Daughter, You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" Encourage your daughter and let her know what she means to you with this warm blanket gift.

★★★ NOTE: There is about 2-3% difference according to manual measurement. Please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item.

Personalized Rooster Vintage Mandala Quilt, Gift for Your Lovers

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