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Manikin Head Shipping included 60~65cm Length He Rare Cosmetology Professional

Manikin Head, 60~65cm Length Professional Cosmetology Manikin He


Manikin Head, 60~65cm Length Professional Cosmetology Manikin He

Product description



1. Real hair + synthetic hair, perfect for cutting, weaving, setting, all hair is chemically cleaned.
2. Length of 60 ~ 65cm / 23.6 ~ 25.6in ( from the forehead to the back hair end), suitable for braiding, curling, cutting, modelling.
3. Suitable for hairdressing schools and salons. Can be used by barbers, hairstylists and students.
4. Nice choice for hairdressing students to practice, little girls to play game or as a teaching supplies for kindergarten or primary school.
5. Enable you to practice your hairdressing skill at home or other feasible place.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Mannequin Head
Hair Quality: 70% real hair, 30% fiber
Hair Length: Approx. 60

Manikin Head, 60~65cm Length Professional Cosmetology Manikin He

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