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Multifunctional Table Light Direct stock discount Night Bedside Dimming Atlanta Mall Stepless

Multifunctional Table Light Night Light Stepless Dimming Bedside


Multifunctional Table Light Night Light Stepless Dimming Bedside

Product description

Color:Uk Plug

Type: table light
Material: metal+glass
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: black
Plug: UK/EU/US
USB Port: 5V 2.1A
Light Source: E26 bulb(included a A60 60W 3000K bulb)
Length: 41.5cm/16.31inch
Base Diameter: 15cm/5.9inch
Lampshade Size: 10*10.5cm/3.93*4.13inch(D*H)
Weight: 1200g/42.33oz

1*table lamp
1*A60 bulb
1*package box

Multifunctional Table Light Night Light Stepless Dimming Bedside

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