$21 Wall Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Wolf, Multicolor Outer Space Wolf W Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Wall trust Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Outer Space Multicolor W appbryggeriet.com,Wall,Outer,Multicolor,Tapestry,Space,W,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$21,Wolf,Wolf,,Galaxy,Wolf,/Indigofera6638768.html,3D Wall trust Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Outer Space Multicolor W $21 Wall Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Wolf, Multicolor Outer Space Wolf W Home Kitchen Home Décor Products appbryggeriet.com,Wall,Outer,Multicolor,Tapestry,Space,W,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$21,Wolf,Wolf,,Galaxy,Wolf,/Indigofera6638768.html,3D

Wall trust Tapestry 3D Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Wolf Galaxy Outer Space Multicolor W

Wall Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Wolf, Multicolor Outer Space Wolf W


Wall Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Wolf, Multicolor Outer Space Wolf W

Product description


Widely Used
The durable tapestry is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
For indoor, the wall tapestry can be used as wall decor,bed sheets,bedspread, tablecloth,couch cover,curtain,room divider, yoga mat,etc.
Dress up your life and give yourself a wonderful living surrounding! For outdoor,It can also be used as a picnic or beach blanket,beach towel,etc
100% polyester, super soft and skin-friendly, easy to hanging, do not fade. No strange odor or chemical smell. Never worry about fading.EASY HANGING:
Our lake and mountain tapestry is very easy to hang by using decorative tacks, push pins, thumbtacks, command strip or velcro tapes.
Washing Instructions:
1.Do not wash in hot water.Suggest gentle hand wash in cold or warm water and hang dry.
2.Do not use chlorine bleach,because this will lead to fading!
3.Machine wash is OK, but it may wrinkle.(You can iron it with a steam iron)

Wall Tapestry 3D Wolf Galaxy Wolf, Multicolor Outer Space Wolf W

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