Jazz,appbryggeriet.com,with,$230,Neck,,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Maple,Modern,Fender,Profile,Roasted,Bass,20,Me,C,/Jesse6254560.html $230 Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck, Modern C Profile with 20 Me Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories $230 Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck, Modern C Profile with 20 Me Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck with 20 Profile Max 89% OFF C Me Modern Jazz,appbryggeriet.com,with,$230,Neck,,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Maple,Modern,Fender,Profile,Roasted,Bass,20,Me,C,/Jesse6254560.html Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck with 20 Profile Max 89% OFF C Me Modern

low-pricing Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck with 20 Profile Max 89% OFF C Me Modern

Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck, Modern C Profile with 20 Me


Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck, Modern C Profile with 20 Me

Product description

There’s no denying the allure of a roasted maple neck. Resistant to humidity shifts and featuring a gorgeous, dark look, they have more sustain and add a unique note to the instrument’s voice.This genuine Fender Jazz Bass neck is crafted at our Ensenada, Mexico manufacturing facility. Featuring a comfortable "Modern C"-shaped profile and 9.5"-radius maple fingerboard with 20 medium-jumbo frets, this neck was designed for pure playability. The synthetic bone nut is pre-slotted with "pilot" grooves for accurate spacing when filing the final string slots. The perfect way to give your J Bass authentic Fender feel, this replacement neck even sports our famous “spaghetti” logo on the headstock.

Fender Roasted Maple Jazz Bass Neck, Modern C Profile with 20 Me

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