$43 Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Fingerboard Beginner Ukulele Met Musical Instruments Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos $43 Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Fingerboard Beginner Ukulele Met Musical Instruments Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Ukulele Fingerboard Manufacturer regenerated product Beginner Met Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Ukulele Fingerboard Manufacturer regenerated product Beginner Met $43,Polished,appbryggeriet.com,Fine‑Cut,Ukulele,/Kitlope6617843.html,Wood,Fingerboard,Finely,Beginner,Musical Instruments , Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos,Met $43,Polished,appbryggeriet.com,Fine‑Cut,Ukulele,/Kitlope6617843.html,Wood,Fingerboard,Finely,Beginner,Musical Instruments , Ukuleles, Mandolins Banjos,Met

2021 new Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Ukulele Fingerboard Manufacturer regenerated product Beginner Met

Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Fingerboard Beginner Ukulele Met


Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Fingerboard Beginner Ukulele Met

Product description


1. Hand‑polished and fine‑cut, the meticulous frets are chamfered, and the feel is greatly improved.
2. The arc of the handle is finely polished, with the smoothly fret of the fingerboard, the left hand is comfortable and not wide or thick.
3. Made of spruce veneer, the sound quality is more pure and full and the technical wood fingerboard.
4. Use arm guard designed to enhance the playing feel and give you a perfect playing experience.
5. The sound hole designed of the opposite sex breaks the tradition and the sound is more pure.


Item Type: Ukulele

Color: Wood color
Material: Wood
Scope of Application: Beginners, examination, performance, music lovers
Model: UK2390

Package List:

1 x Ukulele

Fine‑Cut Finely Polished Wood Fingerboard Beginner Ukulele Met

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