organization,$30,Slot,Coffee,Dispenser,Ki,holder,pod,Acrylic,/Medina6120312.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,Kitchen organization,$30,Slot,Coffee,Dispenser,Ki,holder,pod,Acrylic,/Medina6120312.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,Kitchen $30 Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic Kitchen organization Ki Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $30 Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic Kitchen organization Ki Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic organization Kitchen Houston Mall Ki Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic organization Kitchen Houston Mall Ki

Slot Dispenser Coffee pod Limited Special Price holder Acrylic organization Kitchen Houston Mall Ki

Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic Kitchen organization Ki


Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic Kitchen organization Ki

Product description

Easy filling
High Gloss White
Holds 12 or Pod dispenser
Showcases multiple
Short enough to fit on counter under your cabinets
8 1/8" wide x 13" tall
Available in White Acrylic only (I can do other colors by request)

Slot Dispenser Coffee pod holder Acrylic Kitchen organization Ki

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