,/Medina6255012.html,Figure,Decoration,Seri,Resonance,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets,MXMX,Anime,Action,Figure,Naruto,$91 MXMX Decoration Same day shipping Anime Figure Resonance Seri Action Naruto $91 MXMX Decoration Anime Figure Action Figure Naruto Resonance Seri Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets,/Medina6255012.html,Figure,Decoration,Seri,Resonance,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets,MXMX,Anime,Action,Figure,Naruto,$91 MXMX Decoration Same day shipping Anime Figure Resonance Seri Action Naruto $91 MXMX Decoration Anime Figure Action Figure Naruto Resonance Seri Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets

MXMX Decoration Same day shipping Some reservation Anime Figure Resonance Seri Action Naruto

MXMX Decoration Anime Figure Action Figure Naruto Resonance Seri


MXMX Decoration Anime Figure Action Figure Naruto Resonance Seri

Product description

? Are you still thinking about what your child ’s gift should be? congratulations! No need to hesitate anymore, choose this character toy to give your child, or a friend, he will love it and will always remember your gift!
? Christmas gifts, Halloween gifts, children's day gifts, birthday gifts, and all other memorable holidays can be given as gifts to your loved ones. This gift is ingenious, and people who own it will love it very much.
? Notice:
Due to the cold and warm color of the display and the white balance of the camera, there is a slight color deviation between the physical and photo display colors.
Name:Anime Figures Model
Material:Environmental protection PVC
Modeling: cartoon, anime
Applicable people: Anime figures lovers
Applicable age: 7 years and older
Manufacturer: Made in China
Ideal size:Toy Height: about 30cm,Exquisite color box packaging!
Weight: about 0.9kg!

MXMX Decoration Anime Figure Action Figure Naruto Resonance Seri

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