$157 Sandbaggy Jute Netting | 225 ft Length by 4 ft Width Roll | Toug Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Sandbaggy Jute Netting  225 ft Toug by Width Roll Bombing new work 4 Length Sandbaggy Jute Netting  225 ft Toug by Width Roll Bombing new work 4 Length ft,Netting |,ft,Length,by,4,/Medina6311912.html,$157,Width Roll,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,|,Sandbaggy,Toug,225,Jute,appbryggeriet.com $157 Sandbaggy Jute Netting | 225 ft Length by 4 ft Width Roll | Toug Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care ft,Netting |,ft,Length,by,4,/Medina6311912.html,$157,Width Roll,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,|,Sandbaggy,Toug,225,Jute,appbryggeriet.com

Sandbaggy Jute Netting  225 ft Toug by Limited price sale Width Roll Bombing new work 4 Length

Sandbaggy Jute Netting | 225 ft Length by 4 ft Width Roll | Toug


Sandbaggy Jute Netting | 225 ft Length by 4 ft Width Roll | Toug

Product Description

Sandbaggy Jute Netting

From controlling erosion to stabilizing slopes, our Sandbaggy Jute Netting will get the job done. Jute absorbs water and forms to the contours of the ground; has strong course fibers that trap soil and keep it from washing away; is woven in a mesh pattern that makes it easy to separate and get plant roots through it and into the ground this coming spring; and it decomposes in 18-24 month, just long enough for plants to take root. Grown from jute plants, our Jute Netting is 100% biodegradable.

Manufacturing Specifications

Every Sandbaggy Jute roll is manufactured using dry amp; clean raw material to ensure the best erosion protection. With stringent manufacturing guidelines such as a requirement of at least 60 strands of twine as well as a 500 gsm fabric weight across the roll, Sandbaggy Jute Rolls meet or exceed specifications prescribed by the state or federal government for an erosion control product. Be wary of cheaper alternatives that do not meet these specifications.

Packaging Protection: Each Sandbaggy Jute Roll is packaged in a large cardboard box to protect jute roll from the elements. Our competitors cut corners by shipping the jute roll with only a minimal amount of plastic wrap.

A Note About Another Jute Listing - Title: Jute Erosion Control Matting - 4'W x 225'L

Please be aware that the listing mentioned above has been compromised by about 10 unauthorized sellers that have zero experience in the erosion control business. Unfortunately, Amazon has been slow to remove these unauthorized sellers from this listing while they are selling a sub-grade product. This listing was previously managed by us (Sandbaggy), which we built up with the many positive reviews you currently see. Since these sellers have taken over the listing, they are not providing our customers with the same quality product. If you decide to order from this listing, just know that it is not the same product that is being advertised.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Prepare the soil by grading or raking the area free of clods and large stones. A Bobcat or tractor may be needed for large jobs. Do not compact. If using fertilizer, add it to the soil before grading.
  2. Seeds and Mulch (if required) should be distributed evenly over the prepared soil.
  3. Jute Netting should be applied by unrolling down the slope or in the direction of water-flow.
  4. Dig a trench across the top of the slope. This trench should be 6 inches by 6 inches.
  5. Install the jute netting in the trench. Place at least 12 inches of the roll above the trench (further up the slope). Space each staple about a foot apart inside the trench
  6. Once staples are installed inside the trench, backfill and compact dirt inside the trench.
  7. Bring the extra 12 inches of the jute roll (on step 5) and cover the trench area. Use additional staples (1 foot apart) secure.
  8. Place staples 18” to 24” apart throughout to secure matting to ground. All staples must be driven flush with soil surface.
  9. Always overlap the edges 2” to 6”. At the end of each roll, fold back 4” to 9” of the matting. Overlap this 4” to 8” over the start of the next roll. Securely staple the two layers to the ground.

Projects Using Jute Netting

landscape sod staples landscape staples
6-Inch Landscape Staples 9-Inch Landscape Staples
Different Lengths of Landscape Staple For Securing Jute
Soil Type? Normal Soil Soft Soil

Sandbaggy Jute Netting | 225 ft Length by 4 ft Width Roll | Toug

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