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ETTBC Binoculars Max 89% OFF for Adults Kids 8x40 Portable Binocular Compac Free shipping on posting reviews

ETTBC Binoculars for Adults Kids, 8x40 Portable Binocular Compac


ETTBC Binoculars for Adults Kids, 8x40 Portable Binocular Compac

Product description

Here's how to focus:
1: Close your right eye-focus with the left and rotate the central knob until the image is clear.
2: Close your left eye-rotate the right eyepiece knob until the image is sharp and clear.

Model: 8x40
Magnification: 8X
Objective Diameter: 40mm
Eyepiece Diameter: 24mm
Prism Material: BAK4
Field of view: 8.2°
Field: 143m/1000m
Focus Mode: Central Focus

1 x Binoculars

About us:
If you have any questions or suggestions about the product, please contact us in time. We will give you the most satisfactory answer.

ETTBC Binoculars for Adults Kids, 8x40 Portable Binocular Compac

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