$116 Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Portable Tooth Cleaner, Cor Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,Cor,Electric,Multifunctional,$116,Cleaner,,Use,Sdesign,/Medina6617512.html,Portable,Tooth,appbryggeriet.com Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Ranking TOP9 Cleaner Portable Tooth Cor Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Ranking TOP9 Cleaner Portable Tooth Cor $116 Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Portable Tooth Cleaner, Cor Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,Cor,Electric,Multifunctional,$116,Cleaner,,Use,Sdesign,/Medina6617512.html,Portable,Tooth,appbryggeriet.com

Chicago Mall Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Ranking TOP9 Cleaner Portable Tooth Cor

Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Portable Tooth Cleaner, Cor


Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Portable Tooth Cleaner, Cor

Product description


1. Intelligent three punching modes

2. Large capacity water tank

3. TP-C fast charge mode

4. 0.6mm fine water column

5. Wireless and portable


Work style: clean, comfortable, massage

Dimensions: 85*66*274mm

Water tank capacity: 200ml

Product pulse: 1400 times/min

Product weight: 277g

Packing list:

1*Oral irrigator body

1*charging cable

2* print head
Our quality control process:
We strive to provide the best dental flushing device at the best price. All dental flushers have passed strict quality inspections, because your safety and satisfaction are our first priority.

Sdesign Multifunctional Use Electric Portable Tooth Cleaner, Cor

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