$27 Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork Chips Sax Neck J Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories J,Chips,Super,Sax,Cork,5pcs,Neck,/Medina6617912.html,$27,Saxophone,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Bstinay,150x100x1.4mm,appbryggeriet.com Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork 35% OFF Neck Chips J Sax $27 Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork Chips Sax Neck J Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories J,Chips,Super,Sax,Cork,5pcs,Neck,/Medina6617912.html,$27,Saxophone,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Bstinay,150x100x1.4mm,appbryggeriet.com Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork 35% OFF Neck Chips J Sax

Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork 35% Milwaukee Mall OFF Neck Chips J Sax

Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork Chips Sax Neck J


Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork Chips Sax Neck J

Product description

Material: Cork
Color: Wood Color
Size: 150x100x1.4mm(LxWxT)
Purpose: suitable for bassoon, oboe, clarinet, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone

1.Has excellent ability to compress and de-compress.ent ability to compress and de-compress.
2.Has good elasticity with long service life.
3.Easy to use and install

Package include:
5 x Saxophone Cork Chips

Bstinay 5pcs 150x100x1.4mm Super Saxophone Cork Chips Sax Neck J

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