$118 nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Clock Non Ticking - Silent Battery Home Kitchen Home Décor Products nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Ranking TOP16 Silent Ticking Non Battery - nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Ranking TOP16 Silent Ticking Non Battery - $118 nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Clock Non Ticking - Silent Battery Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Silent,Ticking,Decor,appbryggeriet.com,Non,-,Clock,Wall,Clock,Battery,/Potamobiidae6525487.html,Vintage,$118,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,nmm Silent,Ticking,Decor,appbryggeriet.com,Non,-,Clock,Wall,Clock,Battery,/Potamobiidae6525487.html,Vintage,$118,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,nmm

nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Ranking TOP16 Silent Ticking Non Battery - Limited time trial price

nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Clock Non Ticking - Silent Battery


nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Clock Non Ticking - Silent Battery

Product description


This wall clock can be a perfect gift for housewarmings, weddings, and social gatherings, etc.
Product specifications
1. Color: a, b
2. Material: metal + glass
3. Style: Europe and America
4. Movement: (battery-powered)
5. Location: living room, bedroom, kitchen, clinic, office and library
6. Type: Standard wall clock
7. Display: Simulation
8. Measurement: 36*45cm
9. Battery type: 1 AA battery (not included)

Packing Included
1 x Wall Clock
1 x Hook

Great for any room at home, work office or classroom. The classic frame will dress up any room’s decor such as your kitchen, living room, bedroom, family room, meeting room or dining room.
Precise Quartz movements for accurate time.
Sweep movement eliminates disturbing ticking sound

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Exquisite decoration: Modern design gives it a fashionable appearance, which matches with any family theme or style!

nmm Decor Clock Vintage Wall Clock Non Ticking - Silent Battery

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