$76 HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Cups Glasses Set for Six - Glasses Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Glasses Six Cups for Choice Set Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,Six,appbryggeriet.com,Tea,Turkish,for,-,HANDCRAFT,Cups,$76,/abdominovesical6362394.html,Glasses,Glasses,-,IDEAS HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Glasses Six Cups for Choice Set $76 HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Cups Glasses Set for Six - Glasses Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,Six,appbryggeriet.com,Tea,Turkish,for,-,HANDCRAFT,Cups,$76,/abdominovesical6362394.html,Glasses,Glasses,-,IDEAS

HANDCRAFT Max 71% OFF IDEAS - Turkish Tea Glasses Six Cups for Choice Set

HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Cups Glasses Set for Six - Glasses


HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Cups Glasses Set for Six - Glasses

Premium Quality, Turkish Made, Traditional, Authentic, Ottoman Style Tea Service set for Six. This Authentic set is for serving Tea but also you can serve Espresso, Latte and coffee etc. as well! This unique item consists of 25 pieces as seen on picture. (1x tray, 6x saucers, 6x cup holders, 6x glasses, 6x lids. The glass inside the ornate metal casing is removable and dishwasher safe. Glass Capacity: 3.5 oz (100ml) / Tray Diameter: 13.8"(35cm) / Total Weight: 5.6lbs (2540gr) For wholesale requests, please message us.

HANDCRAFT IDEAS - Turkish Tea Cups Glasses Set for Six - Glasses

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