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Online limited product Max 59% OFF pcmos Portable Steam Sauna Personal Detox Spa Tent Ther Foldable

pcmos Portable Steam Sauna Personal Foldable Spa Tent Detox Ther


pcmos Portable Steam Sauna Personal Foldable Spa Tent Detox Ther

Product description


1. WATERPROOF amp; FIREPROOF MATERIAL: Made of high quality and environmentally stent to increase stability, 4 layers of insulation waterproof fabric. Zippers for hands let you put out your hands to read when doing sauna.

2. PORTABLE: Detachable frame allows you to disassemble for easy storage.

3. POWERFUL: 800-1000 watt steam generator can be set up to 60 minutes with timer.Timing, dry prevention, explosion protection, automatic power off protection and leakage protection, safe to use.

4. DESIGN: Two zippered openings allowing hands to read a book or use a device.

5. DUAL POCKETS: Allows you to keep your necessities near by and easy to access while inside the sauna.

6. COMPLETE SAUNA: Everything you need to set up and enjoy a sauna experience.

7. Easy to install.


1. Sauna Size: (29.92 x 33.86 x 38.98)" / (76 x 86 x 99)cm (L x W x H) Color: Black
2. Chair Size: (17.72 x 17.72 x 26.38)" / (45 x 45 x 67)cm (L x W x H)
3. Weight: 246.92 oz/ 7000g
4. Fabric: Fireproof Cotton amp; German Cloth
5. Cloth Cover Layers: Waterproof Lining amp; Quilted amp; Silk Fabric
6. Bracket: PPV Backet
7. Steamer: 2L Stainless Steel Liner amp; PP Large Shell amp; ABS Bottom Shell
8. Maximum Temperature: 65℃
9. Collar: Not Removable
10. Power: 800W-1000W
11. Voltage: 110V
12. Safety Protection: Timing, Anti-dry, Leak-proof, Explosion-proof, Automatic Power-off Protection, Leakage Protection

Package Includes:

1 x Cloth Cover
1 x Chair
1 x PPV Bracket
1 x Steamer
1 x Remote Control
1 x Sole Massage Ball
1 x White Box
1 x Color Printing English Manual

pcmos Portable Steam Sauna Personal Foldable Spa Tent Detox Ther

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