100%,Straight,Wig,Unproces,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,appbryggeriet.com,$33,Women,,for,Brown,Color,Headband,Black,/abdominovesical6638394.html $33 Straight Headband Wig for Black Women, Brown Color 100% Unproces Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Straight Headband Wig for Black Women Brown Unproces famous Color 100% Straight Headband Wig for Black Women Brown Unproces famous Color 100% $33 Straight Headband Wig for Black Women, Brown Color 100% Unproces Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 100%,Straight,Wig,Unproces,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,appbryggeriet.com,$33,Women,,for,Brown,Color,Headband,Black,/abdominovesical6638394.html

Straight Headband Wig for Year-end gift Black Women Brown Unproces famous Color 100%

Straight Headband Wig for Black Women, Brown Color 100% Unproces


Straight Headband Wig for Black Women, Brown Color 100% Unproces

Product Description


Why Choose Headband Wig?

  • No glue, No gel, it protect your edges well.
  • Show your own baby hair with a headband wig, it's more natural!
  • Different headbands can be chosen according to your mood.
  • Full protective style with no leave out!

  • Material: 10A Grade Brazilian human hair.
  • Available Style: Straight hair, body wave hair, curly hair, kinky straight hair.
  • Available Length: 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26".
  • Available Color: 1B, Ombre 1B/30, ombre 1B/Burgundy, ombre 1B/27.
  • Weight: 8.8oz - 12.3oz, the longer the hair length, the higher the weight.
  • Suitable Head Circumference: 21.5" - 23".
  • Free Gifts: 4 extra beautiful headbands and 1 piece weaving cap.

How to Wear Your Headband Wig?


How to Care Your Headband Wig?

  1. Wash and condition the hair on a weekly basis. Washing it about twice a week and use a good quality shampoo and conditioning products.
  2. Wash in cool water. When washing your hair weave, do not massage or twist the hair. Excessive movement can cause damage.
  3. Run your fingers through the hair to remove any tangles and use a wide-tooth comb or brush to comb through the hair prior to washing it.
  4. Avoid overuse of hot curlers and flat-irons which will shorten the life of hair. Don't use a hair drier, it causes the hair to dry and tangled.

Straight Headband Wig for Black Women, Brown Color 100% Unproces

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