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Yivibe Outdoor 40% OFF Cheap Sale Hammock Max 41% OFF Durable Lightw Camping Automatic

Yivibe Outdoor Hammock, Durable Camping Hammock Automatic Lightw


Yivibe Outdoor Hammock, Durable Camping Hammock Automatic Lightw

Product description

1. No more disturbance from mosquitoes,insects when rest. You can set them up easily when needed.
2. Perfect for backyard, garden yard, beach, campgrounds, napping, sleeping, dreaming, relaxing, travel, outdoor survival.
3. Automatic quick opening hammock, which can be opened automatically when hanging, convenient for hanging.
4. Easy set up and easy to pack, lightweight and packs up pretty small so it will not take up a lot of room.
5. The hammock adopts quality material, tear resistant, breathable, dries quickly, strong and durable.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Automatic Hammock
Material: 210T Nylon Yarn + Polyester Gauze
Color: Orange Black, Golden yellow
Size: Approx.290x140cm/114.2x55.1in
Load: 200kg / 441lb
Weight: Approx.948g/33.4oz
Application: Travel, camping, beach, yard

Package List:
1 x Hammock with Buckle
2 x 2m Tree Rope
1 x Instruction Manual


Yivibe Outdoor Hammock, Durable Camping Hammock Automatic Lightw

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