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14k Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire"September" Birthstone Necklace, 14


14k Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire"September" Birthstone Necklace, 14

Product description

Created to complement and enhance your lifestyle, Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry is the little black dress of your jewelry box. The collection features a classic aesthetic with contemporary touches, designed to take you from everyday to special occasions for years to come.

Growing up in New York City, designer Ryan Jonathan was exposed to expert jewelry-making techniques and gemstones working with his family, who has been in the industry for generations. This background and experience provided technical proficiency and a keen interest in design, resulting in fine jewelry that draws on tradition, with an original take on color and contemporary details.

Passionate about color and craftsmanship, Ryan Jonathan offers stones in every shade of the spectrum. He hand-selects each fine quality diamond for the bridal collections, because your diamonds should sparkle just as brightly for the many anniversaries to come as they will on your big day. Attention to detail encompasses all aspects of each collection, right down to the beautifully crafted gift package that comes with every Ryan Jonathan order. Each piece of jewelry is proudly made in the USA.

And Ryan’s relationship with his customers doesn't end when that box is opened. Exceptional service continues for the life of the piece as it is polished, serviced or resized so the recipient can enjoy it at every age—and every stage—of her life.

Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry is proudly manufactured in New York City's famed Diamond District.

Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry stands by the quality and craftsmanship of each piece and offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all products. We will repair or replace any item which we deem damaged due to a manufacturing defect (excluding excessive wear and tear or physical/accidental abuse, loss, loss of stones, and theft). Repair/sizing or service performed by an outside third party will void the warranty.

14k Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire"September" Birthstone Necklace, 14

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