Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 Fashionable 1CH 10A V Wireless RF AC220V,$39,Remote,Davitu,appbryggeriet.com,1CH,10A,Controls,220,/aesthetician6491566.html,V,-,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Remote,RF,Wireless AC220V,$39,Remote,Davitu,appbryggeriet.com,1CH,10A,Controls,220,/aesthetician6491566.html,V,-,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Remote,RF,Wireless $39 Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 V 1CH 10A RF Wireless Remote Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $39 Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 V 1CH 10A RF Wireless Remote Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 Fashionable 1CH 10A V Wireless RF

Davitu Remote Our shop OFFers the best service Controls - AC220V 220 Fashionable 1CH 10A V Wireless RF

Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 V 1CH 10A RF Wireless Remote


Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 V 1CH 10A RF Wireless Remote

Product description

Color:add 1pcs remote

The company receives the remote control board, suitable for anti-theft alarm, remote control electric doors and Windows, signal control, industrial control, the electric control circuit of lifting equipment and so on.Remote control switch module relay contact output independently, is very suitable for direct control of all kinds of load.Products adopt wireless fixed code technology, omnidirectional, noninterference switch.Remote control switch circuit component materials buyers can contrast.
Please note: this mini remote control stability is extremely strong, welcome to order, thank you
220V 10A 1CH wireless remote control system .
Working Voltage: AC220V
Working Frequency : 315MHZ
Receiver sensitivity: : -105Db
Working temperature : -10'C - +80'C
Output way : Momentary Toggle Latched Adjustable
 Code type : Learning code
Size :35*32*17mm 
working/output way:
Through the sub circuit board behind the pad A, B, C, different local to switch working way
1 jog ,A, B, C,pads non-occupation, not connect
2 self-lock, shorted B, C
3, inter-locking shorted A, B
Jog---- press the button is ON . loosen your finger is OFF
Self -lock----- press one button for one time is ON .press the same button again is OFF
Inter-lock-------press one button is ON , press another button is OFF .
Learning Method:
Press the learning button3 seconds, the indicator light off .then you press any buttons of the remote control to transmite signal . it means studying successfully when the indicator flash 3 times until the indicator light on.
Remove code:
press the learning button about 8 seconds , the indicator turn on to off to on , it means the information that you keep have been removed successfully .
pacote inclui:
1-4* transmissor
Item specifics:
Use: Universal
Wireless communication: RF

Davitu Remote Controls - AC220V 220 V 1CH 10A RF Wireless Remote

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