$46 YF-Mirror Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Eyelets, Flower Plant Tools Home Improvement Hardware Plastic,PVC,with,appbryggeriet.com,Eyelets,,Waterproof,Flower,Plant,$46,/aesthetician6524966.html,YF-Mirror,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Tarp $46 YF-Mirror Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Eyelets, Flower Plant Tools Home Improvement Hardware YF-Mirror Tulsa Mall Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Flower Eyelets Plant YF-Mirror Tulsa Mall Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Flower Eyelets Plant Plastic,PVC,with,appbryggeriet.com,Eyelets,,Waterproof,Flower,Plant,$46,/aesthetician6524966.html,YF-Mirror,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Tarp

YF-Mirror Tulsa Mall Waterproof PVC Plastic National uniform free shipping Tarp with Flower Eyelets Plant

YF-Mirror Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Eyelets, Flower Plant


YF-Mirror Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Eyelets, Flower Plant

Product description


✔ Product Name: Transparent Waterproof Tarpaulin
✔ Size:1.4x2m/4.6x6.6ft, 1.8x2m/5.9x6.6ft, 2x2m/6.6x6.6ft, 2.4x2m/7.9x6.6ft
✔ Material: PVC
✔ Thickness: 0.5 mm
✔ Waterproof: Double-sided Waterproof
✔ Colour: Transparent
✔ Maintenance: It Can Be Wiped With Soap Or Warm Water, But Cannot Be Cleaned In The Machine
✔ Instructions For Use: Do Not Use A Knife To Open The Package. In Order To Prevent The Tarp From Scratching
✔ Package Content: 1 X Tarpaulin

● Features:

1. Made Of High Quality Materials, The Cover Tarpaulins Withstand All Weather Conditions, Such As Wind, Frost And Hail Do Not Tear The Tarp.

2. This Transparent Rain-proof Tarpaulin Is Soft, Translucent, Highly Heat-resistant, Tear-resistant, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Etc. Suitable For All Seasons.

3. Great For Deck, Porch, Patio, Canopy Or Outdoor Dining Area Very Strong Water Resistance, Heat-sealed Seams/hems, Washable.

● Note:

1. Please Note That The Given Dimensions Are Approximate. Due To Production, The Size Of The Product Can Vary By Up To +/- 5%.

2. The Waterproof Tarpaulin May Have A Plastic Taste. It Is Normal, Just Place It In A Ventilated Place For 1-2 Days. The Smell Of Plastic Will Spread Out.

YF-Mirror Waterproof PVC Plastic Tarp with Eyelets, Flower Plant

Look For

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