$53 ZJQ-21 Key Thumb Piano with Piano Bag, Crystal Mini Kalimba, Por Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI $53 ZJQ-21 Key Thumb Piano with Piano Bag, Crystal Mini Kalimba, Por Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI Por,appbryggeriet.com,Bag,,Piano,Key,$53,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Mini,Crystal,with,Thumb,Kalimba,,Piano,/aesthetician6617766.html,ZJQ-21 Por,appbryggeriet.com,Bag,,Piano,Key,$53,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Mini,Crystal,with,Thumb,Kalimba,,Piano,/aesthetician6617766.html,ZJQ-21 ZJQ-21 Key wholesale Thumb Piano with Crystal Por Mini Kalimba Bag ZJQ-21 Key wholesale Thumb Piano with Crystal Por Mini Kalimba Bag

ZJQ-21 Key Time sale wholesale Thumb Piano with Crystal Por Mini Kalimba Bag

ZJQ-21 Key Thumb Piano with Piano Bag, Crystal Mini Kalimba, Por


ZJQ-21 Key Thumb Piano with Piano Bag, Crystal Mini Kalimba, Por

Product description


Handmade with high-quality acrylic and ore steel bars. Double nails consolidation makes the kalimba create clear and melodious sound, durable.

-Material: Acrylic
-Color: Transparent, Pink
-Dimension: 18.4*13*3.2cm

1. Avoid bad weather and avoid placing kalimba directly in the sun.
2. For wet weather, first put kalimba in cloth bag then put it in the box.
3. After using kalimba, wipe with a cleaning cloth for avoiding causing rust.

Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.
Please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement.

--1 x 17 keys Thumb Piano
--1 x Piano bag
--1 x Tutorial
--1 x Tuning hammer
--1 x Sheet music
--1 x Piano cloth
--1 x Scale stickers
--1 x Greeting card
--1 x Score Tutorial
--1 x Tuning software

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ZJQ-21 Key Thumb Piano with Piano Bag, Crystal Mini Kalimba, Por

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