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HMBB Elliptical Machine with Seat Trainer Portable f Columbus Mall outlet

HMBB Elliptical Machine with Seat, Portable Elliptical Trainer f


HMBB Elliptical Machine with Seat, Portable Elliptical Trainer f

Product description

Product Description:
Bearing weight: 120kg
Adjustable stool
Adjustable armrest
Increase and widen the pedal

Traditional hydraulic stepper, no up and down resistance
The cushion armrest can be adjusted in three stages, suitable for people of different heights in the whole family.
The elliptical movement is truly protected, and the knee is safe and unharmed.
Anti-gravity pedal: The anti-gravity pedal can effectively reduce the impulse of the knee joint, thereby protecting the soft tissue of the knee.
Small size, no space: you can exercise anytime, anywhere.
Stepless resistance adjustment, movement quantification and stable resistance balance.

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HMBB Elliptical Machine with Seat, Portable Elliptical Trainer f

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