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YANRU Heat Retaining Blanket 6 Blue Ft Pool Atlanta Mall Inground Very popular Solar

YANRU Heat Retaining Blanket, 6 Ft Blue Solar Inground Pool Heat


YANRU Heat Retaining Blanket, 6 Ft Blue Solar Inground Pool Heat

Product description

Do you have this trouble?
The water on above-ground is polluted by leaves, debris or bugs one night later, and you need to spend more time to clean it? Or need to change the water frequently? It is very wasteful
Here, our swiming pool cover can solve your annoyance, save you more energy. Allow you enjoy the happy hours with your family members on swimming with a large amount of time.
Heat and protect your swimming pool this summer with our Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools.
Warm up Your Swimming Pool with the Help of Solar Energy from the Sun.
Extend Your Swimming Season by Retaining Heat from Consistent Sunlight.
If you need other different styles and sizes, please enter the store to buy.

Package Contents

1 x Swimming Pool Cover
Friendly Tips:

1.Please understand there may be a 1-2cm deviation exist.
2.Due to the lighting and monitors, there are slight differences between the picture and the real item.

YANRU Heat Retaining Blanket, 6 Ft Blue Solar Inground Pool Heat

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