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LEADALL Thumb Piano with 17 Pro Portable Limited Special Price Keys Max 61% OFF Finger

LEADALL Thumb Piano with 17 Keys, Portable Finger Piano with Pro


LEADALL Thumb Piano with 17 Keys, Portable Finger Piano with Pro

Product description


1. For beginners: even if you have no music experience, you can get wonderful songs by just moving your thumb.
2. Cool musical instruments: perfect gifts for family, outdoor, school, party and leisure.
3. An easy-to-use instrument, just hold it in your hand and pull out the tines with your thumb.
4. This cool bag can prevent the thumb piano from being damaged, falling, waterproof, and very easy to carry.

Product name: Thumb piano
Size: 18 * 13.5 * 3.2cm
Weight: 0.49kg
Material: Peach wood
Color: light wood color/dark wood color/blue

Package Contents:
1*Thumb piano
1*Cloth bag
1*Cleaning cloth
2*Finger cot

LEADALL Thumb Piano with 17 Keys, Portable Finger Piano with Pro

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