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Reverse Osmosis 400GPD Membrane and OFFicial Regular store site RO Housing 3012 Me

Reverse Osmosis 400GPD Membrane and RO Membrane 3012 Housing, Me


Reverse Osmosis 400GPD Membrane and RO Membrane 3012 Housing, Me

Product Description

Membrane Solutions RO housing for semi-commercial usage

Membrane Solutions 3012 RO Housing for 200/300/400 GPD RO Water Systems

Please note to confirm the flow rate of your reverse osmosis water system is 200 GPD or above before choosing this 3012 membrane housing.


Material Reinforced Polypropylene (Food-grade)
Size (OD x L) 4.33 x 12.8in (110 x 325mm)
Thickness of Bowl 0.3in (7.5mm)
Connect Type Thread
Inlet Size 3/8"
Outlet Size 1/4"
Maximum Differential Pressure 200 psi
Test Burst Pressure Test 500 psi
3012-400 GPD housing for ro water filtration systems Membrane Solutions RO Membrane 400 GPD Set of one 400 gpd ro membrane and one 3012 membrane housing kit
3012 RO Housing ROULP-3012-400 ROULP-3012-400 + 3012 Housing
Permeate Flow Rate 200-400 GPD depends on RO Membrane 400 GPD 400 GPD
Size 3" Inner Diameter (ID) 12" x 3" Membrane: 3" ID; Housing: 12" x 3"
Compatible with ROULP-3012-200/300/400 3012 RO Housing DIY / Standard 400 GPD RO system
Membrane solutions product lines

Important Information

  • It is recommended that systems using these elements rinse the elements for 24 hours, prior to first use, to meet NSF/ANSI 58 Standard.
  • The first full tank of permeate must be discarded. Do not use this initial permeate for drinking water or food preparation.

Reverse Osmosis 400GPD Membrane and RO Membrane 3012 Housing, Me

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