$79 Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler, 360ml, Embossed Silver Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Embossed,/autocratical6362495.html,Cooler,,$79,Silver,appbryggeriet.com,Sake,Hario"Hakkaku,360ml,,Chirori",Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler Spring new work Embossed 360ml Silver Embossed,/autocratical6362495.html,Cooler,,$79,Silver,appbryggeriet.com,Sake,Hario"Hakkaku,360ml,,Chirori",Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $79 Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler, 360ml, Embossed Silver Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler Spring new work Embossed 360ml Silver


Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler, 360ml, Embossed Silver


Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler, 360ml, Embossed Silver

Product description

Style Name:Hkkaku Chirori

Hario's line of sake coolers will suit and situation. These sake coolers are touched with slightly different designs to help fit your best mood.

Hario"Hakkaku Chirori" Sake Cooler, 360ml, Embossed Silver

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