22pcs,appbryggeriet.com,Set,with,Lids,B,-,Paincco,Containers,Storage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/autocratical6524895.html,$30,Food,Airtight 22pcs,appbryggeriet.com,Set,with,Lids,B,-,Paincco,Containers,Storage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/autocratical6524895.html,$30,Food,Airtight $30 Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids - Paincco 22pcs B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Airtight New popularity Food Storage Containers Set with Lids 22pcs Paincco - B $30 Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids - Paincco 22pcs B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Airtight New popularity Food Storage Containers Set with Lids 22pcs Paincco - B

Airtight New popularity Food Storage Containers Set with Time sale Lids 22pcs Paincco - B

Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids - Paincco 22pcs B


Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids - Paincco 22pcs B

Product description

?Made of high-quality food grade plastic, BPA Free and safe from any harmful materials.
?Idea for Cereal Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Rice, Nuts, Snacks, Candy, Pet Food and More.

?5 Extra Large Containers (2.5quart /2.8 liters)
?6 Large Containers (1.8quart /2.0 Liters)
?6 Medium Containers (1.2quart /1.4 Liter)
?6 Small Containers (0.7quart /0.8 Liters)
?40 Labels amp; 1 Maker

?[Great Helper For Food Storage]Dry foods often come in paper or plastic bags, Once opened, they will be difficult to maintain
hygiene and freshness. This is where our food storage containers can change this situation. Leak proof amp; airtight food storage containers
effectively protect the freshness of the food for longer and allow you to have a healthy life.
?[Stackable amp; Space-Saving Design]Our container set with the stackable and space-saving design, they will make more efficient use of
every inch of your kitchen pantry cabinets. No longer messy, you can get everything you want very quickly.
?[Bonus Chalkboard Labels amp; Marker]Our food storage container set include reused labels and white marker, which will help you never confuse
flour with powdered sugar or baking powder with baking soda. These labels are easy to peel off and can be reused only after being wiped clean with a rag.

❤️❤️Our airtight containers can withstand heat and cold (-20℃ to 100℃). These containers are safe for
refrigerators, microwaves(Remove Lid), dishwashers, but the LIDS should be washed by hand.
❤️❤️If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.

Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids - Paincco 22pcs B

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