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UXZDX Cable Financial 5 ☆ popular sales sale Crimping Pliers Terminal Cutting Tool

UXZDX Cable Crimping Pliers Terminal Cutting Tool, Crimping Tool


UXZDX Cable Crimping Pliers Terminal Cutting Tool, Crimping Tool

Product description

Made of steel and durable.
Crimp Tool-Crimp tool for 8A, 8B, UY, UY2, UR, UR2, UG gel/jelly filled connectors.
Crimping tool-spring jaws-steel structure.
Built-in cable cutter.
Handle: loosening width: 95mm, closing width: 45mm.

Name: wire cutters
Material: Steel and PVC
Color: as shown
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3cm.
2. Due to the computer screen, the real color may be slightly different from the picture, please understa
Ideal for small jobs.

UXZDX Cable Crimping Pliers Terminal Cutting Tool, Crimping Tool

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