Insulation,/benzalacetophenone6254575.html,Bathtub,Cover,Bathtub,YFGHFHG,Anti-dust,$125,Home Kitchen , Bath,Board,Folding, YFGHFHG Folding excellence Bathtub Board Cover Insulation Anti-dust Insulation,/benzalacetophenone6254575.html,Bathtub,Cover,Bathtub,YFGHFHG,Anti-dust,$125,Home Kitchen , Bath,Board,Folding, $125 YFGHFHG Folding Bathtub Board Cover Anti-dust Bathtub Insulation Home Kitchen Bath $125 YFGHFHG Folding Bathtub Board Cover Anti-dust Bathtub Insulation Home Kitchen Bath YFGHFHG Folding excellence Bathtub Board Cover Insulation Anti-dust

YFGHFHG Folding excellence Bathtub Board Fixed price for sale Cover Insulation Anti-dust

YFGHFHG Folding Bathtub Board Cover Anti-dust Bathtub Insulation


YFGHFHG Folding Bathtub Board Cover Anti-dust Bathtub Insulation

Product description

Size:139×70 cm

This bathtub cover can keep the water temperature, can turn your bathtub into a sauna to relax, fully adapt to your bathtub.

You don’t need to clean the bathtub frequently just because it can wrap your bathtub tightly

Practical tray function - Can be placed above the bath board a shower gel or shampoo - a book or glass of wine etc. Enjoy this bath time.

There are many more functions, waiting for your excavation, E.g baby shower platform, Bathroom shelf organiser etc.

Name: Folded Bathtub Insulation Boards Cover
Temperature resistance: 110℃
Material: PP-resin
Style: Simple and modern
Size and Weight:
119×70×1 cm --- 2.40kg
139×70×1cm --- 2.76kg
139×75×1cm --- 2.95kg
139×80×1cm --- 3.10kg
149×75×1cm --- 3.08kg
159×75×1cm --- 3.30kg
Weight Bearing: 5 kg

Packing List

1 * white bath board

Customer Service

1. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement
2. If you have any problems of our product, please contact with us

YFGHFHG Folding Bathtub Board Cover Anti-dust Bathtub Insulation

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