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Dean RH8 BUBINGA Outstanding Rhapsody online shopping 8 Natural Guitar Gloss Bass

Dean RH8 BUBINGA Rhapsody 8 Bass Guitar, Gloss Natural


Dean RH8 BUBINGA Rhapsody 8 Bass Guitar, Gloss Natural

Product description

Dean designers equipped the Rhapsody 8 with a pair of EMG-HZ Pickups and a custom Dean 3D Preamp to accurately reproduce the wide range of tones that come from an 8-string.You'll love the swirling grain pattern of the African Bubinga top and the great dynamic range that comes from select Mahogany body. The bolt-on neck is made of Maple and paired with a 24-fret Rosewood fingerboard.

Dean RH8 BUBINGA Rhapsody 8 Bass Guitar, Gloss Natural

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