$31 NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Bowl, Creative Countertop Storage Ba Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fruit,Storage,NNDQ,Creative,Countertop,Double,/benzalacetophenone6254875.html,$31,Ba,Bowl,,Wall,Mesh,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,appbryggeriet.com $31 NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Bowl, Creative Countertop Storage Ba Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fruit,Storage,NNDQ,Creative,Countertop,Double,/benzalacetophenone6254875.html,$31,Ba,Bowl,,Wall,Mesh,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,appbryggeriet.com NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Limited Special Price Bowl Ba Storage Countertop Creative NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Limited Special Price Bowl Ba Storage Countertop Creative

NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Limited Special Price Bowl Today's only Ba Storage Countertop Creative

NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Bowl, Creative Countertop Storage Ba


NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Bowl, Creative Countertop Storage Ba

Product description

Product description


▶Mesh fruit dish, it can safely store fruits and keep fruits fresh since it’s ventilating

▶Double wall candy bowl, it will add a simplistic sense to your home with its cute hollow design

▶Elegant appearance, candy bowl holder is decoration for desks, coffee tables and party tables

▶Thoughtful gift, fruit bowls for the counters are delicate gifts for birthday, holiday and party


Material: Iron

Color: Black

Style: Modern and elegant

Package Includes:

1 x Fruit candy dish

NNDQ Double Wall Mesh Fruit Bowl, Creative Countertop Storage Ba

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