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BAOYOUNI Max 87% OFF Safety and trust Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy Tension Pole Storage Rack

BAOYOUNI Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy Tension Pole Storage Rack


BAOYOUNI Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy Tension Pole Storage Rack

Product Description

SIMPLE STRUCTURE amp; EASY TO PUT TOGETHER: The rustproof pole expands to create a snug fit,there are four large triangle trays with hooks (each shelf hollow out, easy cleaning). It's easy to assemble, and adjustable according to the height of your ceiling.

SAFETY amp; HIGH CAPACITY: No Installation Tools Needed! No Drilling Any Holes! No Damage to your Decorative Wall! Anti Skid TPE Pad on both sides of pole and each tray can bear 5kg.

BAOYOUNI Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy Tension Pole Storage Rack

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