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Tablecloths Rectangular Dinner Tablecloth Ethnic Style B Bohemia Popular standard New York Mall

Tablecloths Rectangular Dinner Tablecloth Ethnic Style Bohemia B


Tablecloths Rectangular Dinner Tablecloth Ethnic Style Bohemia B

Product description

Size:Tablecloth 140x180cm

◆ Product information
Made of exquisite materials, thick fabric, fine edging, exquisite craftsmanship, durable, colorful, simple design, can be applied to a variety of decorative styles, a variety of places, a wide range of applications; Machine washable and hand washable, water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees and dark cloths should not be washed with bleach
If your table length is 110cm, Width is 90cm
Table Cloth Length:110cm+(25x2)cm=150cm
Table Cloth Width: 90cm+(25x2)cm=110cm

So you can choose 140x160cm Table Cloth
Type: Table cloth/Tablecloth/Kitchen Home textile
Material: Linen cotton
Color: Red, green, beige, as photos
Style: Modern, modern
Feature: Eco-friendly, fashion, easy to wash
​ Package includ: Table Cloth x 1
Use: Kitchen Home, hotel, wedding, banquet, party

Small Size suitable for microwave ovens, refrigerators, bedside tables, TV drama computer covers, sofa armrests and backrest towels

Large size for table, writing desk, computer desk conference table and sofa cover

Dear customer,it is better hand-washing in cold water,and may there has light smell when you receive the goods,please put it under the sun 2-3 days before use.we just want the customer know the real feature of the goods.and we always think the honest should be the first rule to customer.

Washing suggestion:
Washing cotton printing and dyeing products will appear fade phenomenon, washing please use cold water immersion fixation for the first time, do not use detergent.
Don't suggest machine wash, 30 ° C hand wash cold water, neutral detergent, do not bleach, if machine wash, please put into the laundry bag, soft mode choice, time shoulds not be too long, it is forbidden to chlorine bleaching dry.
With Moderate temperature on reverse side of ironing, don't dry cleaning

Please Note:
Due to hand measure, the size may have 1-2 cm error
Due to Different Monitor, the c

Tablecloths Rectangular Dinner Tablecloth Ethnic Style Bohemia B

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