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Dark Brown Burnt Solid Wood Special price Mounted Paper Towel Limited Special Price Wall Refillable

Dark Brown Burnt Solid Wood Refillable Wall Mounted Paper Towel


Dark Brown Burnt Solid Wood Refillable Wall Mounted Paper Towel

Product description

Wall mounted solid wood paper towel dispenser with rustic dark brown burnt finish **Paper towels not included**
Open-top design and bottom slot access allow for easy retrieval and replacement of paper towels
Accommodates popular disposable big fold, C-fold and multi-fold paper towels
Easy to install onto flat wall surfaces with appropriate hardware (Mounting hardware not included)
Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 7.5 H x 11.5 W x 4.3 D; Bottom Slot - 8.9 W x 1.8 D; Space between mounting brackets - 5.6 W (in inches)

Dark Brown Burnt Solid Wood Refillable Wall Mounted Paper Towel

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