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Ocarinas Mesa Mall Alto 12 Holes Musical of Portable Gift Instrument Direct store Time

Ocarinas Alto 12 Holes Musical Instrument, of Time Portable Gift


Ocarinas Alto 12 Holes Musical Instrument, of Time Portable Gift

Product description


The ocarina is made of kiln-fired ceramics of the highest standard, with a smooth and bright surface. It is not a toy or collectible, it is a handmade and tuned flute instrument! Easy to learn, very suitable for beginners or professionals to play

Why choose Ocarina Musical Instrument:

✔ Beautiful voice:
Ocarina Play Ceramic can emit beautiful and natural sound
✔ Easy to carry
Ocarina, whether you are in a bad mood and want to go for a walk or run, or when you are traveling, you can take it with you to enjoy happiness anytime, anywhere. Music is a unique way to soothe your mood.
✔Suitable for most people:
Prevent senile dementia in the elderly; exercise finger flexibility, develop children's intelligence and coordination ability; people who like music can make more like-minded friends
✔ Different musical instruments:
If you are tired of popular instruments such as piano, violin and guitar, the ocarina is a refreshing change for you

Name: Ocarina/Ocarina Musical Instrument / Ocarina/Ocarina of time /Smoked Straw Fire Ceramic Ocarina/Ocarina Play Ceramic /Ceramic ocarina flute
Material: Monochrome glazed porcelain
Color: purple
Sound hole: 12 holes
Scope of application: performance, recording, home, outdoor, school, party, leisure

The package includes:
1*color box
1*cloth cover
1*hand rest
1*Piano Score

【customer service】:
★Due to different display methods and lighting, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. thank you for understanding
★We only sell ocarina, the others are props, not commodities
★There are many products of similar styles in this shop, if you are interested, you can click to view
★If you have any questions, please contact me, I will solve your problem within 24 hours

Ocarinas Alto 12 Holes Musical Instrument, of Time Portable Gift

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