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VIYU Bombing new work Garden Camouflage net Hunting Army Branded goods Camping

VIYU Garden Camouflage net, Army Camping Hunting Camouflage net,


VIYU Garden Camouflage net, Army Camping Hunting Camouflage net,

Product description


Are you still worrying about outdoor travel and camping in the hot summer?

Then our high-quality camouflage net will become your perfect companion for outdoor travel and camping.

It is lightweight, easy to carry and store, good toughness, tear resistance, not easy to damage, can be used repeatedly, with sun protection and glare protection, to provide you with a cool area and privacy protection, at the same time for rendering and camouflage protection environment is very good, yes Ideal for many families.

Name: Camouflage Network
Color: jungle
Material: camouflage oxford fabric + lower mesh frame + surrounding edging + nylon rope
Features: shade, durable, lightweight, ventilated, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet, tear-resistant
Operating environment: -40°C-+50°C
Package includes: 1 x camouflage net
Can be freely tailored to meet your different needs.

Wide range of uses:

Provides shade, which is very suitable for roofs, carports, terraces or in the garden to prevent direct hot sunlight that day, filter the summer sun, and leave the breeze while receiving more privacy protection.

Used for camouflage hiding, shooting, hunting, camping, military applications, natural covering, bird watching, animal photography, etc.

Decorative function, photography background, military theme, children's room decoration, club decoration theme bar, restaurant, party, Halloween, Christmas decorations, etc.

Use it as sunscreen, very suitable for garden hedges, swimming pools, vegetable gardens, backyards, terraces, garages, etc.

VIYU Garden Camouflage net, Army Camping Hunting Camouflage net,

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