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TMP1105 Classic Bass Attention brand Harmonica Senior famous Play The Harmonicas Music

TMP1105 Classic Bass Harmonica Senior Play The Harmonicas Music


TMP1105 Classic Bass Harmonica Senior Play The Harmonicas Music

Product description

Premium Material, Protable and Convenient
Harmonica Health and Maintenance:

1. In order to prevent infectious diseases and keep health ,please do not use other people's harmonica.

2. Please rinse the mouth or brush teeth before playing harmonica to prevent small object in mouth put into harmonica.

3. Please don't play harmonica strongly to protect your harmonica reeds.

4. Slightly tap out saliva and wipe mouthpiece and cover plates after playing,then put harmonica into the case.

5. Please do not let your harmonica affected by the impact of external force.

6. Do not wipe your harmonica with any solvent,this could cause harmonica damage.

TMP1105 Classic Bass Harmonica Senior Play The Harmonicas Music

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