Espress,Teacups,/bestare6120077.html,Luxurious,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Ceramic,Reusable,Coffee,Cups,,$25,XDYNJYNL, mart XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Espress Cups Teacups Reusable $25 XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Cups, Reusable Teacups Espress Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $25 XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Cups, Reusable Teacups Espress Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Espress,Teacups,/bestare6120077.html,Luxurious,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Ceramic,Reusable,Coffee,Cups,,$25,XDYNJYNL, mart XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Espress Cups Teacups Reusable

Direct store mart XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Espress Cups Teacups Reusable

XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Cups, Reusable Teacups Espress


XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Cups, Reusable Teacups Espress

Product description

Hey! Looking for a beautiful cup with fashionable appearance, fashionable and durable? Then you are lucky. XDYNJYNL is committed to the research and development of various cups, providing you with high-quality products and services. Hurry into the store and choose a product that satisfies you.
Product Details:

Color: Black
Size:8.2*9.5 cm
Capacity:350 ml
Material: Ceramics
Scenes to be used: Kitchen,Dining Room,Living Rooms, Cafes and other places

Functionality and durability: This plate is made of high-quality porcelain, ceramic, durable with wide which can prevent peculiar smell and stains, and is safe for you and your loved ones.

Elegant design: The charm of simple style lies in eternal change. Creative design porcelain expresses the beauty of the times, enjoy the coffee art blooming for you.Elegant Textured Design. Always enjoy a cold drink and a bit of style with every ceramic cup.

Package Included
1 * Ceramic cup
After-sales service: If you have any questions after purchase, please contact our mailbox, we will provide you with the best quality service within 24 hours.

XDYNJYNL Luxurious Ceramic Coffee Cups, Reusable Teacups Espress

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