Standoff,,Toys Games , Vehicles,100PCS/Lot,SDUIXCV,Aluminum,Thread,Inner,/bestare6255177.html,M3x35mm,$25,Spacer SDUIXCV 100PCS Lot Los Angeles Mall Aluminum Standoff M3x35mm Inner Spacer Thread $25 SDUIXCV 100PCS/Lot Aluminum Standoff Spacer M3x35mm Inner Thread Toys Games Vehicles Standoff,,Toys Games , Vehicles,100PCS/Lot,SDUIXCV,Aluminum,Thread,Inner,/bestare6255177.html,M3x35mm,$25,Spacer SDUIXCV 100PCS Lot Los Angeles Mall Aluminum Standoff M3x35mm Inner Spacer Thread $25 SDUIXCV 100PCS/Lot Aluminum Standoff Spacer M3x35mm Inner Thread Toys Games Vehicles

SDUIXCV 100PCS Lot Los Angeles Mall Aluminum Topics on TV Standoff M3x35mm Inner Spacer Thread

SDUIXCV 100PCS/Lot Aluminum Standoff Spacer M3x35mm Inner Thread


SDUIXCV 100PCS/Lot Aluminum Standoff Spacer M3x35mm Inner Thread

Product description

Please carefully check the product model to make sure it matches your machine.
Technical parameters:Value 7
Model Number:874
For Vehicle Type:Helicopters
Tool Supplies:Assembled class
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices:Other
Upgrade Parts/Accessories:Other
Four-wheel Drive Attributes:Assemblage
RC Parts amp;Accs:Connectors/Wiring
Apply to:RC Quadcopter Multirotors/FPV Drone DIY

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Shipping Method
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
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Item :
Aluminum M3x35mm Standoff Spacer
Package include:
100 Pieces
Compatible with:
RC Multirotors/FPV Drone DIY
Outer Diameter: 5mm;
Mounting hole size: M3;
Length: 35mm
Made of Aluminum alloy,Anodized, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance
CNC machined for precision.Inner Thread ,Increased strength and precision.
Produced By HobbyPark ,Well made and durable,100% N

SDUIXCV 100PCS/Lot Aluminum Standoff Spacer M3x35mm Inner Thread

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