-,Dacasso,Lapto,Conference,Leatherette,Table,Black,Office Products , Office School Supplies,x,Pad,14",/bestare6362477.html,$37,17",appbryggeriet.com Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Lapto - Max 61% OFF Table Pad $37 Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Table Pad - Lapto Office Products Office School Supplies $37 Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Table Pad - Lapto Office Products Office School Supplies Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Lapto - Max 61% OFF Table Pad -,Dacasso,Lapto,Conference,Leatherette,Table,Black,Office Products , Office School Supplies,x,Pad,14",/bestare6362477.html,$37,17",appbryggeriet.com

Dacasso Black Leatherette 17

Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Table Pad - Lapto


Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Table Pad - Lapto

Product description

This 17 by 14-Inch conference table pad features a leatherette surface with a matching felt bottom. These pads protect your e by pensive conference table, provide users with a fantastic writing surface, and add an air of elegance to your meeting facilities.

Dacasso Black Leatherette 17" x 14" Conference Table Pad - Lapto

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