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Flouky Christmas Tree on Green Grid Tablecloth Max 70% OFF Pattern Sale SALE% OFF Rectangle

Flouky Christmas Tree on Green Grid Pattern Rectangle Tablecloth


Flouky Christmas Tree on Green Grid Pattern Rectangle Tablecloth

Product description


The tablecloth can decorate every moment in life and make life more sense of ritual.

ღWe featured quality cotton and linen textured fabric,greatly combine soft and delicate cotton with tough and hard-wearing linen.The fabric is durable,soft touch and health,available in all seasons

ღWith a stylish and simplicity design,directly add a touch of different colors to life.Our tablecloths are all brand new and customized to satisfy your pursuit of quality of life.Exquisite tablecloths can match your indoor or outdoor themed space or brighten the space color, playing a finishing touch. The beautiful table setting will impress your friends.

ღWe thoughtfully prepared different sizes of rectangle tablecloths to match your beloved table.This is the complete size information:


ღOur tablecloths perfectly combine beauty and practicality.Fine seamless One piece tablecloth can be folded and stored more conveniently.Table cover can not only hide the clutter under the table and keep the table clean and beautiful, but also not easy to wrinkle after many washings.And Our table cover can add a stylish and beautiful appearance to your table and protect it from scratches and stains.

ღThe textured table cover is perfect for daily meals and parties for any occasion,such as party,restaurant and various gathering occasions.

ღNot only a perfect decoration for any table, but also a ideal and surprise gift for your friends and family members on birthday,Thanksgiving,Halloween and other holiday.

ღThe tablecloth can be easily maintained by hand washing or machine washing in cold water, and it can be used many times.Notice,do not bleach!

We pay special attention to product quality and customer service. If you have any questions, please contact me!!

Flouky Christmas Tree on Green Grid Pattern Rectangle Tablecloth

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