/bestare6491577.html,$35,appbryggeriet.com,Miniature,Motorcycle,Toys Games , Vehicles,1:18,Die-Casting,Boutique,Simulation,Model Boutique Tulsa Mall Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model /bestare6491577.html,$35,appbryggeriet.com,Miniature,Motorcycle,Toys Games , Vehicles,1:18,Die-Casting,Boutique,Simulation,Model $35 Boutique Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model Toys Games Vehicles $35 Boutique Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model Toys Games Vehicles Boutique Tulsa Mall Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model

Max 67% OFF Boutique Tulsa Mall Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model

Boutique Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model


Boutique Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model

Product description

Material: imported alloy, high-quality ABS environmentally friendly plastic, rubber/resin

Model: For Kawasaki/Ducati/Harley/BMW/Yamaha/Honda

Age range:gt; 5 years old

Ratio: 1:18 (All pictures used are taken in kind)

Model size: about 12.5cm in length. Color box size: about 17*7*11CM (because the product size is manually measured, there will be some deviations, subject to the actual product.)

●Front handle linkage front wheel
●The front and rear wheels are rotatable/the rear wheels are equipped with shock absorbers
●The tripod can be retracted

Product features: accurate mold + first-class spray paint + reduced and refined according to the original proportion, suitable for decoration and model enthusiasts collection.

Packing method: color box packing box with display base

Product name: static toys/bicycle/car toys/simulation die-casting model/decoration/puzzle block/building block/kit

Model use: gift/precious collection/appreciation/car decoration/business gift/gift/decoration/display/commemorative/high-end toys/decoration

*High-quality service: *Thank you very much for visiting the shop. Each product is carefully designed and manufactured with heart. Every service is dedicated and sincere, just to let you harvest a joy and Satisfaction, I wish you a happy life!
Love freedom, longing for adventure, motorcycles have become a kind of faith! Its mechanical charm and dynamic sense are exactly our yearning for independent and free life. Having our own dream locomotive will accompany you and me on Tianya Road!

Boutique Miniature 1:18 Simulation Die-Casting Motorcycle Model

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