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WPBOY Cigarette Ashtray SEAL limited product Crystal Cre Clear 2.2X2.9X2.1in Ranking integrated 1st place

WPBOY Cigarette Ashtray Crystal Clear Ashtray, 2.2X2.9X2.1in Cre


WPBOY Cigarette Ashtray Crystal Clear Ashtray, 2.2X2.9X2.1in Cre

Product description

The ashtray is no deformation can withstand minus 30 degrees to zero at 280 degrees high.
Name: Ashtray
Material: glass
Style: Nordic style
Color: crystal clear
Weight: 0.144kg
Size: 5.8X7.5X5.5cm, 2.2X2.9X2.1in
If you have any questions about our ashtray, please feel free to contact us, we will reply and deal with it within 24 hours.

WPBOY Cigarette Ashtray Crystal Clear Ashtray, 2.2X2.9X2.1in Cre

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