$209 1.39 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings for women 10K 14k 1 Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $209 1.39 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings for women 10K 14k 1 Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 1.39 Carat ctw moissanite engagement Recommendation rings for 14k women 10K 1 appbryggeriet.com,moissanite,(ctw),1,$209,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,1.39,rings,10K,14k,engagement,Carat,for,/bestare6638677.html,women appbryggeriet.com,moissanite,(ctw),1,$209,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,1.39,rings,10K,14k,engagement,Carat,for,/bestare6638677.html,women 1.39 Carat ctw moissanite engagement Recommendation rings for 14k women 10K 1

1.39 Carat ctw moissanite engagement Recommendation rings for 14k women 10K trust 1

1.39 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings for women 10K 14k 1


1.39 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings for women 10K 14k 1

Product Description

With rich imagination, designers of Molioaki brand design the most exquisite jewelry, and really attract everyone with exquisite appearance. They get inspiration from the environment and nature.

Has been making jewelry with deep love and superb craftsmanship. We love that each piece is unique and has design elements that blend nature and vintage. This creates a style that strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and natural. Perfect for girls who have a unique heart but still like to keep up with current jewelry trends. You should get more than mass-produced jewelry and general design. Each piece of jewelry should belong to its own unique collection.

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1.75 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings 1.75 carats of Moissanite rings 1 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement ring 1.62 Carat (ctw) Morganite engagement rings 1.48 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings
Total Weight (CT. T.W.) 1.75 Carat 1.75 Carat 1 Carat 1.62 Carat 1.48 Carat
Center Stone T.W 0.5 Carat 0.5 Carat 0.2 Carat 1 Carat 1 Carat
Metal Type 10K/14K/18K/Platinum Plated Silver 10K/14K/18K/Platinum Plated Silver 10K/14K/18K/Platinum Plated Silver 10K/14K/18K/Platinum Plated Silver 10K/14K/18K/Platinum Plated Silver
Stone Type Moissanite Moissanite Moissanite Moissanite Moissanite
Metal Color White White White White/Yellow/Rose White/Yellow/Rose

1.39 Carat (ctw) moissanite engagement rings for women 10K 14k 1

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