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Ultra Slim Tilt TV Wall Mount High material Q70A Bracket Samsung for Class 85

Ultra Slim Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung 85" Class Q70A


Ultra Slim Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung 85" Class Q70A

Product description

Slim Tilt Wall Mount For Samsung TV Model: QN85Q70AAFXZA

The Easy Mount is designed for LCD, Curved, OLED amp; Plasma flat-
panel TVs from 37" to 95" with weights up to 165 lbs (75kg). It
provides tilt adjustment of 0 Degree to 12 Degree for optimal viewing
angles and reduced glare. The sliding bracket design allows horizontal
adjustment for perfect screen placement (even after installation).

The Easy Mount for TVs meets most of wall mounting needs in a simple and
affordable design. It will safely secure your precious big screen TV to
any wall. It features large rectangular shaped access holes for easy
cable routing and wiring access. The Easy Mount comes with bubble
level for easy installation, safety screws for anchoring TV rail to wall
bracket to limit shifting and movement. This TV wall mount is the
perfect accessory to free up your floor space and to compliment your
big screen with a clean, sleek and professional touch. The Low-profile
design allows close installation of TV to the wall. Once installed TV
stays 1.7 inch away from the wall.

Control Outcomes!

don’t risk your TV with the cheaper models! Cheaper mounts use lower
grade and thinner materials

Steel Construction
Helps Reduce Glare
Tilt for Perfect Viewing Angle
12° Tilt Up amp; Down
Slide for Ideal Positioning
Perfect For Use In Any Room
Max VESA 800x400
1.7” Profile: Flush Appearance on wall
165 lbs / 75 kg Weight Capacity
All hardware included
Safety Screws Holds TV Securely to Wall
Fully Assembled amp; Easy to install
Properly Mount TV with the included bubble level

Install in 3 Easy Steps:
1. Attach Wall Plate to Wall
2. Attach Bracket to TV
3. Attach TV to Wall Plate

Package Contents:
Bubble Level
Instruction Manual

Ultra Slim Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung 85" Class Q70A

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